Well helloooo 2014

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Ahhh it looks like Im finally getting free time to update this again. It’s been too long. I have so much art work, body mods, and interesting bits to add here. 2013 just flew by. Work and the gym got the best of me! Haha.

Best part– i’ll be starting physique and body building photography. First set is tonight with Miss Petro. See you soon!


So i’m officially not working 8,000 hours a week. Which means i’m back to eating healthier and hitting the gym five days a week. Wooooo. It’s amazing how much better you feel when you eat cleaner. This is incredibly difficult when you manage a bakery…. one that gets shipments of 35lb buckets of vanilla kreme and glaze. Oi


That said. I’m trying to decide what my areas of improvement need to be. Obviously, i need to lose weight. I’m about 25lbs overweight. Boo on that. Tho, my clothes don’t really fit any differently. Ironic, eh? I’m sure some of this is muscle. But definitely not ALL of it. That said…. i’m open to any clean diet and exercise knowledge anyone knows or enjoys. Send it my way people!!! 


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So it occurred to me. I have this blog thing. Why am i driving on a highway at 11pm at night with no destination? Thoughts are afoot, clearly.

Its strange how calming a night drive can be. How minimal existence around you clears reality and corkscrews ones’ perspective. In a world of so few, things seem much simpler don’t they.

Maybe its just the electronic music.

Maybe i miss the desert.

Maybe life was clairvoyant in a barren flatland, and much denser in a wooded realm.

Maybe i’m still driving.


Dear Pennsylvania,

I very much adore that our weather creeped into 65-75 degrees this past weekend. However, i woke up yesterday to a huge snow/ice storm blowout. (you know the one where all the people outside duck and put their hands above their heads, like its going to help?) So…. Seriously. Get your shit together. I’m back to using a space heater. I don’t appreciate this. Make up your damn mind! Either it’s snow season or sunglass season. No more in-between crap!

For real!


Why yes, im alive!

Posted: March 5, 2013 in Blurbs

I am alive, I do exist.
A lot has changed, none remissed.
Time to start blogging again…

I begin with this!

Monday, september 10th at 7:10 AM I went under the knife. A full abdomenoplasty and thigh lift. Seven hours in surgery and 7lbs of skin later, I’m wrapped up like a mummy. No, really. 2 nights in the hospital and I’m carted off to my parents house until i heal. It’s now sunday. Oi.

I’ve wanted this surgery for a very long time. I’ve never know what its like to have a flat stomach, or even, one not stacked like donuts on a horseshoe stake. That said, i don’t think i’ll ever have plastic surgery again. Im not sure if it was the combination of the two surgeries together or just the surgeries themselves… But man. Talk about inconvenience and annoyance. Not being able to walk in an upright position and having to hobble around at best, its absolutely ridiculous.

I have 4 jp drains attached to me as well. An abdominal brace and my legs are wrapped from top to bottom. Pretty inconvenient. When i woke up from surgery i was pretty sure i couldn’t move. Ever. Hah!

My dr appointment is wednesday. We’ll see where i go from here. Hopefully standing straight up by then!


Really. 60 hr work weeks in management when you’re not getting paid the entitled salary? Old. Very old. I love my job. My employees. My bakery. My team. But its getting overdone very easily. Is it fair to take advantage of someone who is the lowest paid individual of management because they step up to the challenge willingly when no one else can or will? If i don’t see a promotion almost immediately after this, i will be taking a much deserved, higher paying job elsewhere. Damn my loyalty and work ethic!